Comprehensive Plan

10472702_10153280753623912_3959615163042926334_o.jpgWhat Is The Comprehensive Plan? 

The Comprehensive Plan serves as a policy document that provides direction for the community as it looks to the future. In the six years since Twin Falls Vision 2030, A Comprehensive Plan for a Sustainable Future, was adopted, the City has changed significantly.

2016 Comprehensive Plan "Grow With Us"

2016 Comprehensive Plan - GROW WITH US - Adopted FLUMAP (web size) (Update 12.27.2021)Future land use is often one of the most significant questions that current and future residents of Twin Falls ask. It's often also one of the most misunderstood.

The map to the right shows future land use within the City of Twin Falls, which is based on input from residents in the community.

"The land use encourages infill in town; creates great neighborhoods with a wider range of housing types; mix of uses and amenities; and echoes densities and patterns reminiscent of the historic downtown neighborhoods."

The Future Land Use map illustrates desired locations for land use within the city limits, as well as in the Area of Impact.

Clear future land use guidance is one of the most critical functions of the Comprehensive Plan. Since land uses can either support or undermine one another, identifying the most appropriate locations for different land uses is essential to a growing city.

Please view or download the full 2016 Comprehensive Plan for more information on future land use.