Prosperous Community

Prosperous Community

Twin Falls Downtown Commons Opening


PC1.1: Create a process for community input supporting the development of the economic development plan

  • PC1.1.1: The City will develop a stand-alone digital platform for economic development initiatives.
  • PC1.1.2: The City will support ongoing maintenance of digital platforms to ensure up-to-date information.
  • PC1.1.3: The City will provide resources to conduct effective business and retention and expansion activities. 

PC1.2: Create and implement a housing action plan

  • PC.1.2.1: The City will survey local associations to establish baseline assessment for existing inventory.
  • PC1.2.2: The City will meet with key employers to discuss anticipated needs.
  • PC1.2.3: The City will collaborate with regional service providers to develop a written strategy.

PC1.3: Create and implement a workforce development plan

  • PC1.3.1: The City will leverage state and federal resources to implement the correct programs locally.
  • PC1.3.2: The City will connect local education resources to meet industry needs.
  • PC1.3.3: The City will partner with businesses and organizations to promote talent attraction to Twin Falls.
  • PC1.3.4: The City will explore mechanisms to enhance planned agricultural research centers to include business and entrepreneurship.

PC1.4: Support economic development by working with partners to implement infrastructure improvement projects

  • PC1.4.1: Create and support stakeholder groups with common interests in system improvements.



PC2.1: The City will provide leadership in the creation of partnership for revitalizing downtown

  • PC2.1.1: The City will adopt and amend appropriate building and zoning codes that support revitalization of historic structures.
  • PC2.1.2: The City will create forums in which the downtown business community can come together to plan and coordinate with one another.
  • PC2.1.3: The City will continue to support events which activate and enliven downtown. 

PC3: Provide public services that support travel and tourism

  • PC3.1: The City will seek opportunities for air service improvements and economic development opportunities associated with the airport.
  • PC3.1.1: The City will expand utilities to support economic development around the airport.

PC3.2: Use tourism as a tool for Economic Development

  • PC3.2.1: The City will develop a strategy to create a community event space to support the region.
  • PC3.2.2: The City will develop a strategy for the future use of parks and public spaces for the attraction of tourists.
  • PC3.2.3: The City will support community partners who host sporting contests and other community events that promote Twin Falls.