The city manager is the chief administrative officer of the city and responsible to the Twin Falls City Council for the management and coordination of all functions of city government. The specific responsibilities of the office are listed in Title 1, Chapter 7 of the Twin Falls Municipal Code. Some duties of the City Manager Department include: advising city council on all planning, policy, and operational issues; assessing service delivery needs for citizens; assuring that policies adopted by the council are carried out efficiently, fairly, and effectively; managing day-to-day affairs of the city; and developing an annual operational and capital budget.

  1. Travis Rothweiler

    Travis Rothweiler

    City Manager

  1. Gretchen Scott

    Gretchen Scott

    Deputy City Manager

  1. Mitch Humble

    Mitch Humble

    Deputy City Manager

The City of Twin Falls Strategic Plan is used to guide every significant budget decision; fund city goals and objectives; guide policy-making decisions and recommendations; align our business processes; and improve service delivery to our customers in Twin Falls. And more importantly, the Strategic Plan was created and is updated regularly with the help of our citizens, stakeholders, and business partners. It's truly an inclusive and defining document.

"Our goal is to be the most livable city." 

- Travis Rothweiler, ICMA-CM

Our local government, citizens, and stakeholders review and update the Strategic Plan every four years to ensure that it remains relevant and current, and to continue serving as a guiding document for future policy and financial decisions. To get involved and to stay informed about the Strategic Planning process, please sign up for notifications here.

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The Twin Falls City Manager leads the preparation and administration of the annual operating and capital budget for the City of Twin Falls.

Budget 2021