Municipal Powers Outsource Grants

Parks and Recreation MeetingThe City Council of the City of Twin Falls is now accepting applications for the FY2022 Municipal Powers Outsource Grants (MPOG) from community organizations. The grants are designed to provide financial support for organizations that provide programs and/or services that support the mission and vision of the City, and that benefit the residents of Twin Falls.

To be eligible for consideration, applicants must operate as a local non-profit, charitable, educational, civic, scientific, social welfare, religious, health service organization, or a governmental or quasi-governmental unit. Eligible applicants must provide a service expressly granted as a municipal power by Idaho Code, Title 50, Chapter 3 – Municipal Powers. 

Connection to Strategic Plan

All eligible applications must include programs and projects that are directly tied to the Council priorities set forth in the City’s Strategic Plan. The connection to the strategic plan must be made to the activities of the grant, and not just the organization and its mission. The connection needs to be tied to one of the eight goals defined in the Strategic Plan.

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Example:  Applications that will specifically fund programs that target senior citizens (mileage reimbursement for Interlink Care Givers to transport seniors, project to improve the kitchen at the TF Senior Center that will enhance the Center’s ability to provide meals to the elderly, or funds that will enable LINC to provide vouchers to senior citizens for taxi or Uber trips) 

  • RC2 (goal) – The City will create a focus on the needs of an aging population
  • RC2.1 (initiative) – The City will support the community dialogue regarding issues impacting the senior population

The intent is that organizations begin examining the programs for which they have traditionally sought MPOG funds. This requirement will help applicants make the distinction between organization and program/project connections to the strategic plan.

Limitations on Funds

  • Maximum award amount ($10,000 per organization).
  • Detailed budget that accounts for all dollars requested in order to avoid organizations automatically requesting the full amount.
  • No partial funding of applications. An application will be either fully funded or not funded at all, thus encouraging applicants to be intentional in their requests. This could make the process of allocating awards less complicated.

MPOG Committee Review

Council members will receive MPOG applications and score each application against a matrix scoring matrix. The scores will be compiled by staff and provided to Council. 

  • May 3: MPOG applications to Council for review and scoring
  • May 9: MPOG applications returned to City Manager’s Office
  • May 11: Compiled scores will be provided to Council in their meeting packet
  • May 16: MPOG Meeting

Scoring Matrix

  • Eligibility: Is the proposed project/program directly linked to City Strategic Plan? Does the applicant include the goal and/or initiative and give specific information showing the connection?
  • Demonstration of Need: Does the applicant have access to alternate funding? Has the applicant clearly established a compelling need within the community?
  • Duplication of Services: Does the proposed project/program provide a service or program not already present in the community? 
  • Demonstrated Outcomes: Does the application clearly demonstrate measurable outcomes? Are the outcomes objective and measurable?
  • Budget: Does the application contain a budget detailing how the funds will be expended? Does the request exceed the maximum amount allowed?
Please submit applications to Mandi Thompson, Assistant to the City Manager, by 4 p.m. April 29.

Download the Municipal Outsource Grant Application here.