Secure Community

Twin Falls Police Patrol by Perrine Bridge


SC1.1: The City will be a public safety leader

  • SC1.1.1: The City will lead regional public safety service interoperability efforts, including accreditation, certification, training and facilities.
  • SC1.1.2: The City will actively engage mutual aid agreements and memoranda of understanding with other public safety entities.
  • SC1.1.3: The City will maintain support for the SRO program in partnership with the Twin Falls School District.
  • SC1.1.4: Foster relationships with other jurisdictions to enhance uniformity in the enforcement of building codes.
  • SC1.1.5: The City will develop a community response to mental health, drug, and alcohol related issues.
  • SC1.1.6: Address traffic related safety, including bicycles and pedestrians, utilizing existing transportation documents, such as Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

SC1.2: Work to realize national response guidelines within our service area

  • SC1.2.1: Evaluate current response zones for all public safety emergency responses, including EMS. 
  • SC1.2.2: Partner with relevant communications centers to develop mechanisms to improve communications and dispatch information.

SC1.3: Maintain an all hazards response Fire Department

  • SC1.3.1: Maintain rope rescue, hazardous materials, trench rescue training and certification.
  • SC1.3.2: Train and certify in new response areas where there is a demonstrated need, like water rescue response.

SC1.4: Improve victim outreach, reporting, and victim notification

  • SC1.4.1: The Police Department will enhance victim outreach through victim notification. 
  • SC1.4.2: The Police Department will establish a digital evidence submittal system, making crime reporting easier for citizens.
  • SC1.4.3: The Police Department will establish online crime mapping and online crime reporting.

SC1.5: Utilize data driven decisions to drive precision policing strategies

  • SC1.5.1: The police department will enhance departmental capacity to effectively use data.
  • SC1.5.2: The Police Department will use a data based approach to improve officer deployment and resource allocation.

SC1.6: Develop and maintain a program to cross train Code Enforcement, Animal Control, and Community Service Officers for more efficient and effective customer service

  • SC1.6.1: Develop regular training on State and City Codes for appropriate staff and community members.

SC1.7: The City will provide high quality prevention programs and public education

  • SC1.7.1: The Building Safety Department will maintain and enhance working relationships with the Planning, Engineering, Fire, Police and Code Enforcement Departments to improve code enforcement and plan review.

Twin Falls City Pool Setup


SC2.1: The City will improve public facility safety

  • SC2.1.1: Remove or diminish physical hazards at public facilities.
  • SC2.1.2: Improve security and reduce vandalism at parks and other facilities through the use of lighting, cameras, alarms, trail markers, or other appropriate systems. Objective SC2.1.3: Incorporate new technology to aid in the airport’s security and safety systems.
  • SC2.1.4: The City will enhance child safety through the use of background checks on all coaches and instructors of youth activities.
  • SC2.1.5: The City will increase public awareness of safe vehicle, bike and pedestrian practices on trails, shared use paths, bike lanes and crossings through signage, education and media efforts.
  • SC2.1.6: Implement a Safe Routes to Schools (or equivalent) program.
  • SC2.1.7: Enhance security at the airport, including compliance with changing federal regulations.