Community Transformation Grant

Twin Falls CTGLearn more about how the City of Twin Falls is seeking proposals from community organizations to develop and implement projects to improve the health of children by enhancing access to healthy, affordable foods and/or providing opportunities for physical activity.

Create an inclusive culture by supporting physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional growth for the overall health and well-being of our community.

About the Grant

The Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health awarded Twin Falls a $250,000 Community Transformation Grant. This multiyear grant provides funds and technical assistance to mobilize the community to make sustainable changes that promote healthy living for youth.

The grant began in June 2019 with a collaborative process among a team of community leaders. This team worked together for the past year to understand the assets and needs of the community. Using data and what it learned during the past year, the team created a mission statement to develop a strategy and action plan for the grant.

The Community Transformation Grant is administered in two phases:

Phase 1: Planning (2019-2020)

    Establish partnerships

    Understand community assets and needs

    Develop a grant strategy

Phase 2: Funding and Execution (2020-2021)

    Implement strategy

    Leverage and build sustainable solutions

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