City of Twin Falls Business License Information

The City of Twin Falls does not require general business licenses. The city clerk ensures that requirements of license holders are kept current and businesses understand and follow City Code requirements. View the business licenses table (PDF) for a list of local permits and fees. The city clerk also assists businesses seeking licenses by:

  • Explaining local license regulations.
  • Giving the appropriate forms.
  • Collecting the required fees
  • Submitting all license applications to the proper departments for approval
  • Notifying the applicant if there is a problem with the application or if the license is denied
  • See the State of Idaho business page.

Residents should use the convenient online form to determine if they need a business license from the City of Twin Falls. Contractor registration and/or licensing is regulated by the State of Idaho, please see the following links for more information: Building Applications & Forms | Twin Falls, ID - Official Website ( AND Contractors Board | Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses ( You may also go to our Permits, Applications & Forms Page for a list of local licenses and appropriate forms.

Occupation and Vehicle-Related Licenses
If you need a license for an occupation, you should inquire with the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses. If you need a license for a vehicle or a driver’s license, you should inquire with the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles.