Well, the Halloween candy is gone and now the turkey is, too.  That can only mean one thing: less than one month until Christmas is here!  With Christmas comes the beloved Christmas tree, but not just any tree.  You want the perfect tree, so here are a few tips to help you out.  First, when choosing a tree try to find one that is fresh.  Pick a green tree and one that doesn’t drop a lot of pine needles when you brush up against it.  Next, when you get home, keep your tree well-watered.  If you get your tree from a tree vendor cut the bottom 2 inches off your tree before you put it in the stand, as this will give it a fresh base to absorb the water better.  Last but not least, placement and decorations.  Be sure to leave at least 3 feet between your tree and any heat source.  Some Christmas lights are for outdoor use only, so make sure you are using properly labeled lights on your tree.  If you decide to go a different route and get an artificial tree, try to find one that is labeled by the manufacturer as being fire retardant.  Hope these tips give you a safe and happy holiday this year.

The chilly mornings each day remind us of another safety tip to keep in mind- chimney cleaning.  The Fire Department responds to multiple chimney fires every year.  Some are contained and never leave the chimney, others escape the chimney and cause further structural damage.  Some fires start on the outside of the chimney by other building materials being in too close proximity to the chimney itself, such as branches, leaves, or other debris like the neighbor kid’s football.  But don’t fear, this safety issue can be easily remedied with a little inspection and maintenance.  If you don’t feel comfortable performing this task yourself there are many qualified businesses that can take care of it for you: just don’t wait too long.

Once again this year the fiercely competitive Kettle Stand-Off will be held at the Twin Falls Walmart.  This competition is between TFPD and TFFD, to see who can raise the most money for our local Salvation Army.  Last year all funds raised totaled over $7,000.00, not bad for a single day of bell ringing.  Again this year the Chief of the losing department has to once again wear an embarrassing set of PJ’s during a meeting with a large number of fellow city employees.  The Fire Boys won the coveted trophy last year and are looking forward to defending their title.  So if you are out and about on December 8th from 8:00-16:00, come put some change in the Kettle, just make sure it’s the FD Kettle and not the PD Kettle!

Well, that’s about it for this month, and until next time don't forget to wave to the boys in the BRT.