December 2020 Fire Department Newsletter

The Fire Department recently held a small Driver’s Academy for a handful of our newest members.  The academy taught the students how to drive, operate, and provide much needed water on fires outside of city limits.  All who attended the academy can now be assigned to our two 3000 gallon water tenders and be a vital assist in water supply operations on fire scenes.  The mini academy was instructed by Driver Operators Will Blanton and Fred McDonald.

Not long ago, the TFFD Rope Rescue team performed a bit of confined space training at JD Heiskell.  Confined space incidents are not as frequent as high angle rescue incidents which makes it even more important to train and keep up on our skills and ensure that we are prepared for when these calls come in.  Training at facilities like JD Heiskell are not only good for the Rope Team, but also for the employees who work at these facilities.  The more familiar we are with their operations and the lay out of their building the faster we can rescue a trapped or injured individual.  A special thanks to Trent Becker, EHS Manager at JD Heiskell, for allowing us to train at their location.

With the creation of the full time Training Officer position for the Fire Department, a couple promotions were needed.  The two fellas who earned these promotions are Scott Wyatt and Tom McCully.  Mr. Wyatt was promoted to Driver Operator and was moved to C-shift.  Mr. McCully was promoted to Captain and will remain on C-shift and fill the vacant spot left by Josh Kliegl who took the Training Officer position.  Without a doubt, all three gentlemen will do great things and fulfill all the responsibilities of their new roles.  Congrats fellas and good job!

Recently we had the opportunity to educate the Student Leadership Council on the day to day operations at the Fire Department.  The high school students were given a tour of our main station and provided information on how our department operates.  They also put in some work and got to feel what it’s like to search a structure and locate occupants.  The group all did great and it’s hard to tell who had more fun the students or the on duty crews who helped.

During Fire Safety Week, the Fire Department held two open houses at our Station 1.  The public was invited to come in and learn about fire safety as well as the department itself.  Everyone who took advantage of this opportunity appeared to have a good time and hopefully walked away with a bit of knowledge to help keep themselves and their families a bit safer.  Sparky the Fire Dog also made an appearance, which was the highlight of the night for a lot of the younger attendees.  An atta-boy is in order for Fire Marshal Tim Lauda, who planned and organized the events.  Good job Tim, keep up the good work! 

That’s it for this month, stay safe and don’t forget to wave to the boys in the BRT!