February 2023 Fire Department Newsletter

January was a very busy month for the Fire Department. We had a string of fires that kept us very busy through all the cold weather. We would love to share our appreciation for all of the City Family that helped with numerous tasks like providing us with food and drinks, helping clean up equipment, controlling traffic, and making sure we had what we needed to continue working through the cold temperatures. We couldn’t do it without the support!

As we continue to enjoy the chilly temperatures that accompany winter, we would like to take the time tore mind everyone of some fire safety. Ensuring that space heaters have adequate clearance and the appropriate electrical cords, unplugging space heaters when not in use, making sure that heat lamps or other appliances keeping animals warm are secure, and having adequate clearance can all help to make sure that the cold doesn’t lead to a fire. That’s all from the Fire Department, and until next month – stay safe!

~Firefighter Dan Gould 

Ford Transfer 1