July 2023 Fire Dept. Newsletter

July is here and the weather is letting us know that it is summertime! The Fire Department has been busy training on our new regional training tower that is located behind the animal shelter. We are very excited to be able to start using it soon, as well as sharing it with surrounding agencies and departments. A big thank you to the City departments that helped with preparing the area, as well as the Fire District that helped to fund the project. The first stages are complete, and we look forward to the additional stages that hopefully will be completed in the near future.

With the hot weather, it is always a good reminder to be safe with pets and children in the car. Temperatures can soar, and we have already had a few instances of pets being locked in the car accidentally. When driving, make sure to remember to look back and take notice of any small or furry friends in the vehicle with you, and ensure they don’t remain in the vehicle when you leave. That’s all from the Fire Department, and until next month – stay safe!

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