Building Policies

  1. Codes Policies & Standards

The experts of the city building code want your project to be a success. They can help you avoid potential problems that could cost you time and money. When you contact them, you will be asked some basic questions (What are you planning to do? Where?), advised of any requirements and, if necessary, referred to other departments for their approval. Representatives from the Building Department will provide you with the resources and information needed for compliance with the applicable building codes.

For information about the codes currently enforced by the City of Twin falls view the Design Criteria for Residential and Commercial Construction links below. If you need to fill out the energy compliance report (MECcheck, COMcheck or REScheck programs) to comply with the currently adopted Energy Conservation Code please go to U.S. Department of Energy's website.

Development Application Policy Effective 07-04-2023

ThermalPly Determination: Not Approved

Performance of Flexible Structural Sheathing

Airport Hangar Policy

Cold Weather Concrete Policy

Duplex, Zero Lot Line and Townhouse

Establishing a Manufactured Home as Real Property Idaho Standards (PDF)

Existing Water Heater Installation Policy (PDF)

Existing Emergency Escape Window Policy

Flushing of Underground Sprinkler Pipes Policy (PDF)

MEP Permits Needing Plan Review Policy (PDF)

Paint Booth-Spray Finishing Review (Fire Department Checklist) (PDF)

Permit Refund Policy & Request Form (PDF)

Plumbing Clean-out Policy (PDF)

Porch Detail Standards (PDF)

Power Turn On Policy (PDF)

Residential Footing and Foundation Inspection Procedure

Standard Parking Lot & Street Light Pole Design Standards (PDF)