The Building Department’s purpose is to protect the public health, safety and welfare in all new and existing structures, residential and commercial, and on all existing premises by enforcing minimum code requirements.


Provisions of these codes relate to plumbing, electrical, mechanical, life safety and safety from fire and other hazards. Various activities of the Building Department include:

  • Conducting inspections of new commercial and residential construction including, alterations, additions and detached accessory buildings
  • Educating the public concerning safety, health and welfare in the building environment
  • Issuing building and various related trade permits
  • Processing of permit applications for all types of construction
  • Providing assistance to developers, contractors and citizens relating to building code requirements
  • Regulating the occupancy of existing structures and premises and helps to evaluate requirements based on use and occupancy type
  • Reviewing of commercial and residential construction plans

Current Building Plan Review Timelines


  • New complete buildings:  1ST Review:  4-6 weeks
  • Additions:  4-6 weeks to 1st review
  • Tenant Improvements:  4-6 weeks to 1st review
  • Multi-Family:  4-6 weeks to 1st review
  • Miscellaneous (i.e.., signs, pools, fences):  3-4 weeks to 1st review
  • Mechanical plan review:  2-3 weeks


  • Fences:  2-3 weeks
  • Decks:  2-3 weeks
  • Pools:  2-3 weeks
  • New Single-family/Residential: 3-4 weeks

Inspections Will Not Occur On City Observed Holidays

12.31.2022 – New Year’s Day 2022

1.17.2022 – Martin Luther King Day

2.21.2022 – Presidents Day

5.30.2022 – Memorial Day

6.20.2022 – Juneteenth

7.4.2022 – Independence Day

9.5.2022 – Labor Day

11.11.2022 – Veteran’s Day

11.24 - 25.2022 – Thanksgiving Day

12.24 – 25.2022 – Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

1.2.2023 — New Year’s Day 2023