Signs and Striping

  1. Bud Stradley



Installing Crosswalks


Sign Making

The Signing and Striping Department focuses on making sure all pavement markings, signals and signs are up to date and meet all MUTCD requirements. 

Pavement Markings.

  • Every year we repaint all painted markings within the City of Twin Falls excluding The State of Idaho roads such as Blue Lakes Blvd, Kimberly Rd, Addison Ave, etc. We try to paint the heavily trafficked streets twice.


  • All of our pavement markings are made up from a special material called Thermoplastic. Crosswalks, stop lines, arrows and other pavement marking symbols are installed using Thermoplastic. This process makes the markings last years longer and provides a much safer driving and walking environment for all our citizens


  • We work very closely with the city's traffic tech to keep our traffic signals working properly and the flows efficient, providing smooth safe driving. Just a reminder, if you come upon a signal with no power (no visible lights) please treat this intersection as an ALL WAY STOP. 


  • We work very hard to make sure all of the signs in Twin Falls are readable and Retro-Reflective( we use a special gun to test every sign in Twin Falls). Retro-Reflective signs direct the light that is emitted from your vehicle straight back in the exact direction it which it came. Making our signs easier to read and more noticeable. We have our signs on a ten year rotating schedule to make sure we replace all signs that don't pass the MUTCD standards.