Make a Public Records Request

The following outlines procedures for public records requests upon the City of Twin Falls that have been adopted by the City Council. The city's policy ensures citizens have access to public documents, while at the same time preserving the efficiency and productivity of City of Twin Falls operations as well as protecting the privacy rights of individuals.

The City of Twin Falls is a public entity. As such, disclosure of City of Twin Falls’ public records is governed by Idaho Code § 74-104-111.

Exemptions From Disclosure

Certain types of records are specifically exempted by law from the disclosure requirements and will not be made available to the public. This section does not contain the text of statutory exemptions, and the City of Twin Falls will rely on the full text and all exemptions of the law when determining whether to grant or deny a records request.

Contact information for making a public request

The City of Twin Falls will respond to any request to inspect public records that are made by electronic mail or in writing, which are signed by the requester and delivered to City of Twin Falls.

The City of Twin Falls offers this public records request form for citizens to fill out, save, scan, and email, or print and mail, or deliver in person.

Records Custodian                             1st Contact                                          2nd Contact

City Manager                                      Public Information Coordinator         Executive Assistant

Finance                                               Administrative Assistant                   Budget Coordinator   

Utility Billing                                         Billing Clerk                                         Finance Accountant

Police Chief                                         Records Supervisor                            Administrative Services Captain

Fire Chief                                             Administrative Assistant                     Fire Chief

City Engineer                                       Administrative Assistant                     City Engineer

Public Works Director

Streets                                                 Street Superintendent                        Senior Supervisor

Water                                                  Water Superintendent                        Water Supervisor

Sewer                                                  Waste Water Superintendent            Administrative Assistant

Shop                                                    Shop Supervisor                                  Administrative Assistant

Human Resources Director                 Human Resource Director                  Wellness & Safety Coordinator

Information Technology                     Network Technician                              Network Engineer/Communications Manager

Economic Development Director       Economic Development Director        Administrative Assistant

Communications Center Manager     Communications Manager                 Records Supervisor

Code Enforcement Coordinator         Code Enforcement Coordinator         Administrative Assistant

Building Official                                    Permit Coordinator                            Building Official

Zoning & Development Manager       Administrative Assistant                     Planning & Zoning Director

Parks & Recreation

Parks                                                   Parks & Recreation Director               Superintendent

Recreation                                          Parks & Recreation Director               Recreation Supervisor

Aquatics                                              Parks & Recreation Director               Aquatics Director

Golf                                                     Parks & Recreation Director               Golf Concessionaire


Airport Manager                                 Administrative Assistant                     Airport Manager