The Finance Department is responsible for all financial administrative functions of the city. The department provides accounting and budget services to all departments. Finance also:

The Finance Department manages the city's investment portfolio and banking relationships. This department processes utility payments and city accounts receivable and payable.

Additional Duties

The department provides management information to the City Manager and department heads. It exists primarily to serve the remainder of the city departments and tries to be responsive to requests for assistance from the other departments. The department processes vendor claims from department heads to ensure accuracy and transparency.

And the department provides accounting and reporting for the Urban Renewal Agency and assistance with the agency's management and bond issues.

Quarterly Reports

The Finance Department also assembles quarterly reports that provide elected leaders, staff, and citizens with up-to-date financial information and a general overview of city's financial health.

The financial reports include the financial dashboard as well as additional reports, which are designed to provide a detailed account of the city's funds. It illustrates:

  • Comparative building permit information
  • Comparison on revenues and expenditures for the city's major funds
  • Economic and cost indicators
  • Fund balances

Audited Financial Statements

Financial statements are audited on a yearly basis and are available when the auditing process is complete.

Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

Quarterly Revenue and Expenses

A summary of quarterly revenues and expenses is published after each fiscal quarter.

Quarterly Expenses and Revenues (PDF)


Vendor Responsibility

Vendors should ask to see a city employee badge before selling to that person. The badge will include the employee’s name, department and photo.

For information on bids that have been posted, please view open bids.