Canal Water Pressurized Irrigation

The City of Twin Falls will normally call water rights into the Twin Falls Canal Company for all pressurized irrigation stations the first or second week in April. We are customers of the Canal Company; they make the decision as to when they will release water from Milner Dam, which varies from year to year based on spring weather conditions.

The Canal Company will normally start filling the canals the second or third week in April. The canals are a gravity driven system, so it takes the Canal Company time to get the flows adjusted. Once that has happened, they start turning the water into the laterals.

Water Distribution

Being a gravity system with many miles of canals, laterals and ditches to flow through, it takes a couple of weeks for the canal system to stabilize. Once the laterals stabilize, the Canal Company turns the water shares into our head gates. As soon as the water is turned into our station, we start pumping. We check each pump station every day and make any required repairs as quickly as possible. The flow levels vary in the canal system the first few weeks, which affects our ability to deliver the water to you the customer.

The Canal Company does its best to keep the water flowing at a steady rate, and the city does its best to keep your irrigation water flowing. Please check the pressurized irrigation map by subdivision for dates that stations began pumping in 2013. This list will be updated should there be any disruption in water flows during the irrigation season, which usually ends in mid-October.

For more PI system details, please see this brochure (PDF).

Warning: Canal water is not safe to drink.

Pressurized Irrigation Flow Meter