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Posted on: August 19, 2021

Residents Urged to Follow Water Conservation Schedule and Prepare for New Curtailments

Water Conservation

Due to the ongoing drought, the Twin Falls Canal Company is reducing water shares for the City of Twin Falls and all surface water users from 5/8 inch to 1/2 inch. The City is urging all residents to follow the City water conservation schedule and to adjust watering schedules to lower demand times.

Residents connected to Pressurized irrigation should water only on assigned days. Pressurized Irrigation customers should remember that even numbered addresses water on even numbered dates, and odd numbered addresses water on odd numbered dates. City of Twin Falls Code Enforcement is working to educate residents by warning first-time offenders. Repeat offenders face escalating fines, according to City Code.

“Watering on unassigned days reduces the availability of water to neighbors,” said Rob Bohling, Water Superintendent. “So we just ask that we all be good neighbors and do our part to follow the water conservation ordinance.”

Pressurized irrigation users should also adjust watering schedules to lower demand times. Users can see when their subdivisions pressurized irrigation is experiencing low or high demand at TFID.ORG > How Do I? > Monitor Pressurized Irrigation. Users should select their subdivision to see when pumps are underutilized — displayed in green — and scheduled watering times during the “green.” Subdivisions that do not adjust watering schedules to lower demand times may experience low or no water pressure.

This is the second curtailment this season as Southern Idaho struggles through a sever drought. The Twin Falls Canal Company cut back all water shares from 3/4 to 5/8 in July — resulting in nearly a 20 percent reduction in the water supply to the City of Twin Falls Pressurized Irrigation Systems.

The city’s pressurized irrigation system reduces demand on the aquifer’s limited water supply by utilizing canal water for non-potable purposes — on average it has reduced Twin Falls’ demand on the aquifer by nearly 5 million gallons per day. Pressurized irrigation water is not safe to drink, as it comes from an open canal system and it is not treated.

For more information about pressurized irrigation, please visit the city’s website at or call 208-736-2275

What Your City is Doing to Reduce Water Use:

  • Parks & Recreation Department has switched from a moisture sensor system to a timed limit setting on park irrigation. The watering times will not increase watering levels and have been set at a minimum.
  • Parks & Recreation Department is also watering parks connected Pressurized Irrigation during the day, so as to reduce demand on those stations when most residents are watering their lawns. Park visitors should know that sprinklers in parks might be active during daytime hours.
  • Code Enforcement is watching for ‘water waste’ that includes: watering outside of scheduled watering days; damaged or misdirected irrigation systems sending water into the gutters; and runoff from excessive watering.
  • The City is evaluating all watering schedules at its facilities to minimize use during peak demand times.

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