Twin Falls City Plans

Airport Master Plan

The Airport has initiated an update of its Master Plan. For more information about the study, please visit the Airport Master Plan Website.

City Budget

City of Twin Falls Presents Preliminary Budget Proposal

The City of Twin Falls on Monday presented its fiscal year 2012-2013 preliminary budget proposal to the Twin Falls City Council.

The preliminary budget represents the City's continued commitment to prudent fiscal management and effective service delivery. It maintains services designed to protect our citizens' health, safety and welfare. It also funds projects and initiatives designed to enhance our citizens' quality of life.

This budget will serve as a financial plan that will move our City toward achievement of its goals with the limited resources that are available. Below is a list of City budgets from previous years:

City Comprehensive Plan

The City of Twin Falls has a planning document entitled the Twin Falls Comprehensive Plan (PDF) that city staff and members of the City Council use for establishing policies and directing growth and development.

Five-year Projection Document

The City of Twin Falls has developed a five-year financial forecasting model (PDF). The financial forecast model will assist the city staff, volunteers and elected officials in developing sustainable action plans.

Master Transportation Plan

Twin Falls is at a critical point as the population nears 50,000. Twin Falls is on the threshold for metropolitan plan organization status. Read the Master Transportation Plan (PDF), which reviews the 1993 transportation plan as well as looks forward to transportation needs until 2030.

Strategic Plan 2012-2030

The City's priorities, goals and objectives through 2030 are contained in its Strategic Plan (PDF). The City's strategic plan is used to guide its decision making process. Strategic plans are also used as a benchmark of how well the individual departments are performing as well as determining how well the City is meeting our community's needs and expectations.