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Understanding the Importance of this Resolution
COVID-19 has infected nearly 80,000 Idahoans, resulting in 733 deaths to date.
COVID-19 has infected 5,450 residents of Twin Falls County, resulting in the death of 65 of our community members.
COVID-19 is easily transmitted, especially in group settings, and it is essential that the spread of the virus be slowed to protect public health and safety and safeguard the ability of public and private healthcare providers to handle an influx of new patients.
COVID-19 is carried and transmitted by asymptomatic patients magnifying the difficulty in safeguarding against and protecting the public from its effects.
COVID-19 can be beat.

Education and Community Support
On March 23, 2020, we (City Council of Twin Falls), ratified and extended the Mayor's declaration of a local disaster emergency. The declaration states “that all efforts shall be made to protect the citizens of the City of Twin do all things reasonably possible to assist those individuals threatened, injured, or victimized by COVID-19.” Unfortunately, COVID-19 cases are currently at their highest levels.

We desire to educate and promote a unified fight to beat COVID-19, based on principles outlined in our 2030 Strategic Plan as a Healthy and Responsible Community. Our community is committed to the “long-range health of (our) citizens and visitors.” However, as we educate and support our community we must “retain (our) human face” and civility.

We, herein, reiterate the 2017 “Neighborly Community” resolution: “The City of Twin Falls reaffirms its commitment to the vision, goals, and initiatives of the Strategic Plan; to build a community where all residents are welcomed, accepted, and given the opportunity to connect with each other without bias in pursuit of common goals; and to encourage individual residents, community institutions, civic groups, and business leaders to join in a community-wide effort to adopt policies and practices to promote unity, inclusion, understanding, and equity.”

We believe as we educate ourselves and others, individuals will unite to improve the overall health and safety of our community.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Council of the City of Twin Falls, Idaho:

Individual actions can and will help to mitigate the negative impacts of COVID-19. We call upon all citizens of, and visitors to, Twin Falls, Idaho to join us in directing our efforts against COVID-19.

In addition, the Governor of Idaho and the Director of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare have issued specific orders to both require and recommend individual actions based upon the advice and input of state epidemiologists, public health experts, and guidelines provided by the CDC and the White House based on the scientific evidence and best practices regarding the most effective approaches to slow the transmission of communicable diseases generally and COVID-19 specifically.
We encourage all to follow the “Three W’s” as outlined by the CDC:

1. “WASH YOUR HANDS” Residents, citizens and visitors to the City of Twin Falls are reminded to follow CDC recommendations and to wash their hands with soap and warm water with as much frequency as possible and for a minimum of 40 seconds per washing. When soap and water are not available or practical the use of hand sanitizer is encouraged.

2. “WEAR A MASK”Residents, citizens and visitors to the City of Twin Falls are encouraged to wear a mask, consisting of two or more layers of breathable, close-knit fabric that fits snugly against the face and completely covers the nose and mouth. The CDC has stated that the following persons should not wear a mask:
  • Children younger than 2 years old.
  • Anyone who has trouble breathing.
  • Anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.
  • Wearing masks may be difficult for some people with sensory, cognitive, or behavioral issues. If they are unable to wear a mask properly or cannot tolerate a mask, they should not wear one, and adaptations and alternatives should be considered. 
3. “WATCH YOUR DISTANCE” Residents, citizens and visitors to the City of Twin Falls are encouraged to maintain six feet (6’) of physical distance between themselves and other members of the public whenever possible.

Further, we encourage all to avoid public or private group gatherings unless physical distancing and mask wearing can be observed.

Community Partners 
We ask every business, organization and institution in the City of Twin Falls to promote these recommendations on his/her premises for all who enter, whether they be employee, vendor, patron, or any other person by posting this Resolution, or a summary of it in a conspicuous place at all public entrances to their facilities, and make a reasonable effort to promote these suggestions with all who enter their premises.

We encourage our community partners to assist in educating our community on the best practices for infection prevention. Further, we encourage our community partners to leverage remaining CARES funding in these efforts.



Downloadable Images for Businesses

The City of Twin Falls encourages business to post a copy of the City of Twin Falls, Idaho Resolution to encourage unity and civility among citizens of Twin Falls, and to follow the Three Ws that include: Wearing a mask; Watching Your Distance; and Washing Your Hands. Businesses are also encouraged to download, print and post the images below in a conspicuous place to remind residents and visitors of the commitment to slow the virus. (Select an image below to download)

Wear Mask Opens in new windowWatch Distance Opens in new windowWash Hands Opens in new window

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Resources for Community

Information, contacts, and materials to assist residents and visitors of the City of Twin Falls are available on the Community Resource Webpage. And grant information for small businesses is available on the Municipal Small Business Grant Webpage.