Twin Falls Youth Council

The purpose of the Youth Council is to provide the resources and platform for the youth of our community to become engaged in city government and community.

Through the sponsorship of the Twin Falls City Council, a Youth Council shall be formed by students who are pursuing high school diplomas in Twin Falls. The organization will be created with the guidance of community leaders and the City Council. Members will be encouraged to participate in the many city commissions and community events.


With approval of the City Council and parent/guardian, high school students attending any school within the Twin Falls city limits or area of impact may apply for membership.

Minimum Requirements

  • Full time Student and GPA 2.5
  • Home-schooled students may participate if they live within the city or city area of Impact and qualify as high school students following the standards established by the Idaho State Board of Education

Organizational Team

A team of City Council members, the mayor and other community leaders will participate in the initial activities to help establish the charter by-laws and provide counsel as needed. 2021 Youth Council Meeting Listing (PDF)

Youth Council

The Twin Falls City Youth Council, with the support of the organizational team, will establish the by-laws and goals. Provisional student leadership will be chosen by the charter members, until such time as the first official election of officers is conducted under the initial by-laws.

Association of Idaho Cities Conference

The Association of Idaho Cities hosts an annual conference in June of each year. Members of the Twin Falls City Youth Council may be invited to the conference. It will be one of the responsibilities of the TFCYC to plan and organize the travel, with the help of qualified chaperons.


The TFCYC will not require dues; however, it may initiate and organize approved fund raising activities for the support of the TFCYC goals. The TFCYC finances will be accounted for by city staff. From time to time, the TFCYC may apply to the City Council during the city budget process for funding of programs under the

Twin Falls City Municipal Powers Grant Process. Funding will be reviewed under the same criteria as any other organization and must be compatible with the city mission statement and strategic plan.

Student Development

Students will be encouraged to attend various city council and commission meetings, including: City Council, Parks and Recreation, Planning and Zoning, Traffic Safety, Tree Commission, Pool Commission, Animal Shelter Advisory Board, Library Board of Trustees, Airport Commission, Golf Advisory Council or Greater Twin Falls Transportation Committee. Career Opportunities in Engineering, Public Safety (Police and Fire), Finance, Streets, Water and Waste-water may be explored by prearranged visits/tours with various departments and staff.

Application form (PDF)