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Most members of the Fire Department are breathing a sigh of relief these days.  This past month marked the end of the EMT class that about ¾ of the department was enrolled in.  I’m not sure who is happier to have reached this milestone, the members of the class or the very patient instructor.  The class took about 6 months to get through, and to save on overtime costs the classroom portions were held on duty.  So as I stated before, the very patient instructor would teach the same class three times, once to each shift.  The last step of this grueling process is successfully passing a National Registry test to become a certified EMT, but should be just a formality after completing all those hours of classroom time.  This additional training will make us more capable to provide emergency medical care to citizens in their time of need.  Also It will bring the majority of the department to the same level of medical training.  This will create a more cohesive work environment, both while operating just as an engine company and while assisting the ambulance crew.    

April brought the announcement of new hire testing for the Fire Department.  The testing is scheduled to start on May 20th.  The test is typically held on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday and sometimes Monday, depending on the number of applicants.  Friday kicks off the process with a 100 question written test.  Those achieving a determined passing score move on to the physical agility test held on Saturday.  If a candidate successfully passes Saturday’s test, he/she then receives a time slot for an interview with a four member interview board on Sunday or Monday.  This year we have brought back the Physical Agility practice day.  Prior to the official test, candidates wanting to do a practice run through the agility test may do so on May 15th.  So if you know someone who might be interested in this info, pass it along.  The more the merrier.

Well, that’s about it for this month until next time, don't forget to wave to the boys in the BRT.