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Well April brought us plenty of showers so I guess we can expect May weeds….I mean flowers. The Fire Department was busy as ever this past month responding to emergency calls, doing Springtime chores, training, doing a little Pub ED slash play time at St. Edwards School, and eating pancakes (for a good cause).  

Earlier this month the Fire Department was invited to a Pancake Feed Fundraiser for a firefighter in a neighboring town battling a serious illness. The on duty crew eagerly excepted the invite, honestly who doesn’t like pancakes? The cause was a worthy one, the food was excellent, and the comradery between neighboring departments was good to experience. BC Brooks even helped cook a little.

The warmer weather always brings extra chores for the Fire guys. This time of year marks the beginning of the brush fire season and with it comes the task of getting the equipment for these types of incidents ready for action. Our two lime green brush trucks are winterized in the fall and taken out of service to prevent damage from freezing temperatures. In the spring we put water in the tanks, get the pumps up and running, and sharpen our hand tools used for digging fire line. The trucks are driven and tested to ensure they are operating properly and ready to go when the need arises.

Springtime is a great time to do some outside chores around the house so here are a few fire conscious Spring cleaning tips to help you out. 

~Keep a safe distance around your home free of fire-fueling vegetation and rubbish, 30 feet is a good number to start with, remember green grass-fire no pass.  

~Don't stack fire wood against the house, dry firewood makes great fuel for the wood-stove but can spell disaster for the exterior of your home if it catches fire.

~Try not to place plants and shrubs too close to your house or under overhangs, if something happens these plants and shrubs can help spread fire into your attic or eaves. If the plants are already there keep them well watered, green, and trim out the dead branches that will fuel a fire.  

~Try to keep your roof clean and clear of debris, such as pine needles, leaves and fallen branches to help stop fire spread on your roof. Remember the best offense is a good defense, remove the fire risk before it becomes a problem. Hopefully these simple tips can help keep your home free of fire this spring and summer.

That's it for this month. Until next time, don't forget to wave to the guys in the BRT.