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Posted on: April 24, 2017

City Activating Pressurized Irrigation Stations; Please Check Sprinkler Systems For Leaks

The City of Twin Falls is activating pressurized irrigation stations for homes connected to pressurized irrigation, and it is encouraging residents to check their sprinkler systems for leaks and overwatering.

In most cases, residents have sprinkler systems blown out before winter to prevent freezing damage to sprinkler systems. Residents with pressurized irrigation who had their sprinkler system blown out will need to access a valve — generally near the sidewalk — for water to flow from City pressurized irrigation lines to the homeowner’s sprinkler system.

Once activated, residents should check their sprinkler systems for damaged sprinkler heads, ‘bulging’ lawn turf that may indicate an underwater leak, as well as spots that feel spongy due to overwatering. If a homeowner needs assistance repairing a damaged sprinkler system, they are encouraged to contact a landscaping professional.

Pressurized irrigation reduces demand on the aquifer’s limited water supply by utilizing canal water for irrigation purposes — on average it has reduced the community's demand on the aquifer by nearly 5 million gallons per day.

Not all subdivisions in Twin Falls are connected to pressurized irrigation. The pressurized irrigation system, which was initiated in 2000, is now required in all new subdivisions. But many older homes still irrigate with potable water that is supplied by the City’s three-well system. However, pressurized irrigation water is not safe to drink, as it comes from an open canal system and is not treated.

For more information, please visit the City’s website at or call 208-736-2275
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