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Posted on: January 3, 2017

Twin Falls Residents Encouraged to Follow These Steps to Prevent Frozen Waterlines

The City of Twin Falls Public Works Department is strongly encouraging homeowners to take a few simple steps toward preventing frozen waterlines. With temperatures expected to remain at- or below-freezing for several days, there is an increased risk of damage to waterlines and meters.

Please follow these simple steps to prevent freezing damage:

- Leave a small trickle of water running from a faucet. When there is no movement of water in pipes, it makes it more susceptible to freezing. The most common cause of blocked or broken waterlines in the City of Twin Falls during winter months is a frozen water meter (usually located between the home and sidewalk). This is often the result of a home being vacant, or when the residents leave the home for several days.

- Ensure that lids to water meters are closed and exterior access to crawl spaces are covered. Aside from frozen water meters, the second largest cause of blocked or broken waterlines in homes is in crawl spaces where cold air is able to pass through. Even leaving snow on top of a water meter with a closed lid will help insulate it from extreme temperatures.

- Insulate and cover any exposed or exterior pipes and faucets. Although freezing damage to exterior pipes occurs less often because they are more visible, pipes and faucets on the exterior of homes are especially vulnerable to freezing. Exterior pipes and faucets can be easily — and affordably — insulated with heat tape and faucet covers that are available at most hardware stores.

Frozen waterlines can cause significant damage to homes and create an inconvenience for homeowners when lines become blocked de to freezing. In addition, small breaks and leaks can sometimes go unnoticed for days, weeks or even months. Often an unsuspecting homeowner will receive their utility bill — only to notice a substantial increase in water usage. In addition to homes, the city is also encouraging business owners to be mindful of their facilities.

Customers who are experiencing issues with water delivery are encouraged to call City of Twin Falls Utility Services at 208-735-7249 or 208-735-7249. If customers are experiencing issues with water delivery after normal working hours or on weekends, they are encouraged to call the City of Twin Falls non-emergency line at 208-735-4357.